Minimise the risk of infection

Immunisation is the first line of defence in infection prevention and we believe these two processes are inseparable. Health care associated and vaccine preventable infections are costly and reduceable. Infections can cause pain, discomfort, hardship and carry risk of morbidity and mortality. Incidents and outbreaks of infection may result in reduction or even temporary loss of your service capability, damage to your organisation’s reputation, and in some cases result in litigation. Infection Matters Limited offers an array of services to assist you in providing safe care for your clients by minimising the risk of infection.

Minimise Infection


Infection Matters Limited can support you in your role in delivery of infection prevention and immunisation programmes strategies. We can provide consultancy support for your organisation, working with your own staff to assist them in reviewing your organisation’s performance against national standards, internal goals and objectives. Ultimately supporting you to deliver a quality and constantly  improving service.

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Advice on clinical management

Infection Matters Limited can provide advice by email, telephone or in person to your Directors, Managers, clinical staff and even your patients, on matters pertaining to the clinical management and control of healthcare associated infection, and immunisation requirements.

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Service development & improvement

Infection Matters Limited can assist you in assessing the Service you currently provide and identifying areas for development or improvement. We can advise on potential mechanisms, options and recommendations for service improvement. We will assist you in the production of position statements, business cases or service specifications to support your efforts to provide a high quality service.

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Policy implementation & clinical practice audit

Infection Matters Limited can assist you in ensuring your organisation’s policies are implemented by your service providers or staff. Adherence to infection prevention and immunisation policies needs to be evidenced within your organisation, either for management/board assurance or to assure commissioners. We can provide independent audits against national standards, with reports that give recommendations and guidance on how to improve were standards fall short.

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Education & training

Infection Matters Ltd can provide Immunisation and Infection prevention and control education and training for all levels of staff, and services users, in your organisation.

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Mentorship & clinical supervision

Infection Matters Limited has years of experience supporting and managing practitioners in the fields of immunisation and infection prevention. Our Consultant Nurse can provide clinical supervision and mentorship for staff involved in immunisation and infection prevention and control.

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Supporting recruitment

Infection Matters Limited has experience of recruiting staff for posts up to Band 9 of the Agenda for Change pay bands. We can assist you in planning your recruitment and assessing applicants for your vacancies in the fields of immunisation and infection prevention.

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Policy revision

Infection Matters Limited can write policies pertaining to immunisation and infection prevention tailored to your organisation, if they do not already exist, or can review, update and revise existing policies.

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