Immunisation Services Consultancy

Immunisation Services Consultancy

IM can assist you in developing, implementing and evaluating an organisation wide immunisation programme. If you are Commissioners of services we will provide assurance that your Immunisation Providers are working with regard to national directives, within recommended standards, initiatives and reports relevant to your organisation.

Immunisation uptake is now closely monitored as part of the public health outcomes framework, Public Health Functions Agreement (also known as Section 7A) and by NHS England local and regional teams. Infection Matters Limited can advise you on the methods and systems required to achieve your targets with this regard.

We can advise you on the legal and operational issues of commissioning services from novel providers; taking into account preferred provider status issues, Enhanced Services specifications and performance management considerations.

We can assist you in measuring the performance of your organisation; advising on ensuring that data collection on uptake of vaccinations reflects the true performance of your organisation.

If you are a provider of immunisation services Infection Matters Limited can identify areas of good and improving practice, so you can capitalise on these to provide the highest quality service to your clients. Improving your immunisation uptake is not only a high clinical aspiration, providing vital protect for you population, but is also good business sense, increasing the income to your business. Infection Matters Limited can assist you in achieving the highest possible clinical and financial rewards.