For Commissioners of services, Infection Matters Limited can ensure you are informed and knowledgeable Commissioners; that your contracts and specifications provide the detail to ensure your providers deliver a high quality service and you are able to appropriately performance manage them.

For Providers of Services Infection Matters Limited can support you both strategically and operationally. We can work with you to assess of your current level of provision; produce or review an action plan or work programme to ensure you prioritise work streams to deliver quality care to your patients and clients.

For Pharmaceutical (vaccine) industry clients Infection Matters Limited can support you in understanding UK immunisation policy formulation processes, national arrangements and key stakeholders, operational delivery systems, budgetary considerations and payment structures and arrangements. With a deeper understanding of how vaccination policy and arrangements work in UK you will better placed to consider positioning of your products in the market and how to influence the success of this vital public health intervention.

We can create, review, or revise your local policies, conduct audit of policy implementation and practice. This will enable you provide evidence of compliance with standards to assure you own organisation and, if necessary, your commissioner.

Infection Matters Limited can:

  • Provide expert advice on the management of patients and clients, giving advice on isolation, decontamination and application of standard procedures for carers and staff.
  • Provide training and education for all levels of your work force.
  • Mentor your infection prevention and immunisation staff; supporting them in their professional development from novice to expert within their specialist field.
  • For providers involved in immunisation Infection Matters Limited can assess your current performance and provide you with support and advice to improve your service. Service improvement would increase uptake of vaccination and immunisation among your patients, clients and staff. For providers with NHS England contracts to delivery immunisation programmes service improvement and subsequent higher uptake can increasing your potential income from ‘item of service’ enhanced service payments, remuneration profit and target related payments.